Earlier this month I was in Sharjah as a speaker at the first learning disabilities conference. I was posting stories on Instagram about my talk and the venue etc.where in after the long day when I returned to my hotel I got a small message from a girl somewhere in India.

The msg read : “You just spoke in a foreign land to around 400 people about your life and the difficulties it brought you. Hence, I am confident you will have an answer for this question of mine – If you can give me only one tip to improve my life, what would it be?”
Now that was a million-dollar question! I thought to myself for a very long time and I told her to give me a day to respond because I didn’t want to reply frivolously– work hard or be honest or anything of that sort. Cause all of these tips helps other people and not us.
So, after deep thinking of what value I can add to her life with one important message from my life I opened the reply section and started to draft the msg … it reads as below.

After a lot of thought of that ONE learning that I have to share that could help anyone is this ….
Beware of destination addiction. The idea that happiness is in the next place or the next job or the next relationship.Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are NOW. So, live in the here and now and be patient to see if a tomorrow comes.
Love and Luck ,

I thought this msg could help a lot of people who are stuck in ‘Tomorrowland’ rather than in ‘Todayland’’.
Sometimes we plan our whole future out like tomorrow is promised to us, and forget about today that we do have. I am guilty of this and by doing this I have only lost. So if this tip helps someone find their way to today from tomorrow do share it with them and leave your comments/questions below.


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