Firstly, thank you all for showing interest in the second article of emotionally overweight.

So here are the 4 steps to losing the weight-

  1. Eating Right
    It’s what you feed into your system that will then generate out of your system.
    Surrounding yourself with a more positive environment and most importantly disciplining yourself of allowing only good thoughts and words to come in and out of your system from a given situation, is what would really help.
    Tip: Try and think of one thing to be grateful for each day. If you can, write it down or place it in your phone notes, it builds retainership.
  2. NO Over Eating
    We all have the habit of more is better. Well over eating and overthink are the WORST things to do to yourself. Being an x-overthinker, I use to drive myself so crazy to a point where I could believe bad or scary things were going to happen even if they weren’t. And of course, we know the law of attraction just works when you put all your energies to it. Good energies/bad both get attracted!
    Tip: The proverb- cross the bridge when it comes dosen’t apply to all of us. Some of us have a smooth road and we don’t really have to anticipate that a bridge is coming. It’s the idea of someone else fear that makes us overthink our life. Learning from history is one but becoming mysterious with thoughts is foolish. Don’t. Just live and love and happiness will happen!
  3. Saying No to Junk!
    We allow ourselves to be judgmental judges just cause we have the freedom to do so. We need to start filtering the information we receive from people about things or other people. From movie reviews to surgeries we take second opinions and even after that we still have a critical point to make. Why not just be silent for a moment take a breath and feel your gut? I am personally a very chatty person and I love to share ideas with people, but when I need to make decisions in regard to relationships, working with people or even ordering food sometimes I take a moment, step back, breath and ask myself just one question – is this love? If the answer is yes, I sign up for it and then I never give up. Say no to junk ideas, people, things, opportunities if you feel you HAVE to do it. If it’s love, no matter how hard/tiring/ expensive the task, person, food is you will stick though it. I promise. That’s your tip!
  4. Exercise
    You might say hmmm all what you said above is true Benaisha,but…well the question isn’t about me being right/not it’s about YOU being proactive with your life. Exercise all the above thoughts and tips and start losing that emotional weight you’ve clogged up there in your head and heart.
    You’ve got to go for this workout every day!

    It doesn’t matter how able you are, if you let how unable you can be dictate your level of performance.

While chatting up recently with Mr Dinesh Shringapure (a dynamic trainer!) he brought to my notice, that from 22nd September 2017 till 31st December 2017 it’s 100 days exact!

So Today is  22nd September and you have 100 days. Two years ago, I did a 100-Happy Day Challenge wherein every day I did either:
– I found one reason to be grateful for and wrote it and smiled.
-I acknowledged and accepted my flaws and worked towards it.

It helped me in a way to understand and focus on my 9 well ripped apples (ref. to my 1st article) and not that one rotten one. Take this 100-day challenge to lose your emotional weight!

Old methods do not lead to new ways!

More power to you.


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