The Art & Science of Self- Presentation.

The most important part about Image Management is YOU & the aura you create around you.Image Management is all about developing your inner strengths and at the same time reflect them on the outside through your appearance.

I feel you are most humble, focused and passionate about your work. I have always found you keeping yourself abreast with the new clothing trends and fashion. And most of all, your teaching style is THE best as I have seen you pouring your heart out to make your student understand the topic. All the very best dear in all your endeavors. And always keep smiling!

Thanks and take care

Aarti Dharmadhikari

humble, focused and passionate

Benaisha is an extremely confident and warm person. Even though she is very young her command over the subject is excellent…her effectiveness lies in the fact that she conducts herself like an image consultant in every aspect and hence when she is a trainer she is very believable….she connects instantly with the audience and makes learning a beautiful experience…I look forward to more such fun interactions and wish her the best always…
-Namita Raja

makes learning a beautiful experience

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