Since the last few weeks the emails and inquiries that I have got in my mail box from men and women both are pretty similar – they all talk about finding it difficult to accept & acknowledge themselves due to the disapproval of their loved ones in their lives.
I truly relate with this as I too have faced this many a times and no matter what you say or do it just keeps poking you back.
However, I hope that this article today gives you an insight on to my thoughts about it and I definitely want to know yours too!

While scrolling through Instagram late at night …suddenly a msg pops up in my Instagram msges ; it reads “ I am not good enough for him and I don’t know how do I convince him that I am a really nice person and that he means a lot to me .” For a moment I wanted to reply saying – umm I don’t give love advise really … but ok …

I replied back asking a bit more details and I told her a few things and calmed her down. After a few days I did a poll on Instagram and facebook asking – how good enough are you. 67% of the people who polled said – not good enough (i.e below 5 on 10 ) Most of them privately msged telling me what it is.

The main thing that got highlighted was: I am not good enough because I have been rejected by a loved one because they aren’t sure of what they want and suddenly I am not good enough.

Now that’s a place WE ALL have been once I am sure. Well I have!
If you haven’t God has blessed you! Lol!

I thought really rationally and I learnt this myself the hard way so here I reply to those msges all of them at once –
You are ENOUGH. Enough at work. Enough at home. Enough to love. Enough to give. More than ENOUGH. Someone can be madly in love with you and still not be ready to accept you. They can love you unconditionally (so they say!) and still not join you on life’s bridge. And whatever maybe their reasons – YOU MUST LEAVE. Because you never ever have to inspire anyone to meet you on the bridge. You never ever have to convince someone to do the work to be ready for your acceptance. There is more extraordinary love, more love that you have never seen out here in this wide and wild universe and there is the love that WILL BE READY FOR YOU!

Have you ever realized that whenever you are hurt or upset you are looking for closure?
Well, closure is a joke! The only apology you need is the one you owe yourself for staying as long as you did in an unpleasant job/relationship/situation. The only conversation you need to have and the only person you need to see again is the person in the mirror. Look at yourself and say – “You know what, I messed up. My worth is more than that and I am ready for myself!”
If you don’t take yourself seriously, why will others?

Women’s day is celebrated to liberate you as a person to consider yourself equal in all rights.
When you feel love on the inside, you will see love on the outside. You are love!
I don’t blog if I don’t write from the heart and this one is from my heart to yours. Give yourself the chance you want from others because you are ready for yourself. And there is no better time to be ready for yourself than now.

Do share your thoughts about this as it might help other’s reading from your perceptions.


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    My thoughts on your article: Closure is a virtue of those who want to erase the past, live in the present and look forward to the future. We are all wired to seek closure, for if we were not, why would institutional concepts such as marriage/divorce etc. be in prominence. Also true in many is their ability to announce closure in their minds… well that is an elevated state. Self worth is worth exploring actually and comes with life’s leanings and abilities. Well written article… way to go.

  • Natasha D'lima

    Really touched by everything you said!!
    Feel we do so much but it’s never enough and always so stressed due to that.
    Well written; truely from the heart

  • Tanuja Tiwari

    Lovely article benaisha.. You are right.. we should love ourselves first.. if we feel love from inside, the outside world will automatically look beautiful.. thanks for wonderful speech yesterday and do keep inspiring people with your motivational article..

  • Namrata Samson

    Lovely article Benaisha.
    Adding one of the best things that I have read recently –
    You’re too powerful to be a slave of acceptance. Their compliments should not define you nor should their criticism break you.
    As they say, ‘Validation is only for parking.’

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