Feeling clogged up? Bloated? Stressed? Sleep deprived? Not happy?
Well sorry to say but you are – Emotionally Overweight.

We are aware about our physical weight in all aspects. We seek help too for the same. We run around to get our body looking great and our body image to look as sparkling as ever.

Since the last few months I have been feeling very clogged and bloated up. And that’s when it hit me that I was gaining weight- mental and emotional weight.
This is the weight we can’t SEE, but can only feel. Sadly, but true we don’t take our feelings very seriously. We only believe what we see.
We only think of our physical weight cause it’s going to harm the other organs in our body, and that’s when we really start to do something about it. We all have a limit to our body weight, right? BMI. If you are X height then your weight should be X. So why don’t we check that up even for our emotional weight? Our emotional space can also be carrying weight that it isn’t permitted to, hence we are uneasy. We carry a lot of judgments and past baggage that lead us to making overwhelming decisions and finally we get all clogged up. Today a tooth decay happens due to stress. It’s our physical body telling us to first look at our emotional quotient to repair our physical weight and strength.

Why is it important to be Emotionally fit?
So here is an important reason why.
If you have a box of 10 apples and from that box, one of the apples has gone bad; what would you do? Remove that rotten apple and keep the rest 9 clean? or else let that apple ruin the others too by its decay?
Remove it! Great, that’s what I thought you’d say. So now let’s look at this – if you have 10 memories in your mind and one of them is a hurtful/ stressful one what would you do?

Hmm…. see you wouldn’t think of it that way. We don’t think that one tiny thought in our minds can cloud the judgement over many other thoughts that ARE great.
And I tell this to you this out of experience- We all have that one, just that one thought that makes our life seem so hard. Makes it just so impossible to focus or see the good in anything else that’s going good for us. Even our mental health doctors would say – lose the weight!

It sure is hard to let go of the feelings or thoughts that are important to us, but if there is a dead end and there is no way it can be revived to the way you want it to be- either let it go or keep it aside for a while don’t keep poking it and see what it manifests into.
In my 26 years of existence I have come to learn that what you focus on you give it more power to grow. Then it can be a good thing or a bad. For many years I think I focused on the not so good parts about me and certain situations, thereafter I stumbled upon this thought, and today I try harder to put aside the not so good thoughts and move towards the things that DO WORK for me. We try to see the good in others and get hurt; well if you try to see the good in our lives we might just eliminate our own pain.

The process of change shall not work unless you start the process to change!

This blog is to make you aware about being emotionally overweight. If you enjoyed this read do share and comment with your thoughts.

More power to you till then!


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  • Jasmine

    Must say we all face these situations but not all are bold to share..so good work to begin with.

    Change is the only constant…so one must make all efforts n bring about the change n try n be done with the excess weight, which not only burdens them but also others around us n relations…it is said subconscious mind has more power than the conscious mind n hence we should detoxify our negative thoughts apprehensions n be done with it..so get it off yr system n move ahead!

  • Nitiin R Sonar

    Wonderfully thought. Indeed emotional overburdened is biggest problem in society and professional world. Even it’s more common in students.
    You can write more with real life examples. Best luck

  • Anna P

    Very well written Benaisha! Completely agree with you when you say to let go of that 1 negative thought for it does try to pollute all other good thoughts too. I have recently started practicing that and trust me feel so good and light mentally.

    Well done and waiting for Part 2

  • Rayomand Sirvala

    Very well written. We always focus on physical appearance but never what goes down within. How we think,feel and as a result base our actions upon. To be emotionally light what is most important first and foremost is that one has to be aware. Awareness is important. Good one Benaisha 🙂

  • Prafulla Bargaje

    Benaisha, you have appropriately pictured realities of life wherein we give lot of importance to material / physical aspects than what’s happening within which is rather a major driving force ! We need to be conscious to win over unconscious mind which is deeply rooted with mental / emotional weight.

  • Lea Kanstrup

    True, some children who are overweight are very popular with their classmates, feel good about themselves, and have plenty of self confidence. But in general, if your child is obese, he is more likely to have low self-esteem than his thinner peers. His weak self-esteem can translate into feelings of shame about his body, and his lack of self-confidence can lead to poorer academic performance at school. You probably don’t need a detailed description of how difficult the day-to-day life of children who are overweight can sometimes be. These youngsters may be told by classmates (and even adults) that being heavy is their own fault. They might be called names. They could be subjected to teasing and bullying. Their former friends may avoid them, and they may also have trouble making new friends. They could be the last one chosen when teams are selected in physical education classes. With all of this turmoil, he may feel as though he doesn’t belong or fit in anywhere. He may see himself as different and an outcast. He’ll often feel lonely and is less likely than his peers to describe himself as popular or cool. And when this scenario becomes ingrained as part of his life—month after month, year after year—he can become sad and clinically depressed and withdraw into himself.

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