If you’ve known me for a while – you would know I have gone through a series of personal branding for myself by myself.It’s been one of the most enriching journeys of my present life.
It’s been so important and close to me that I eventually became an image consultant to work with individuals on branding themselves better in regards to their persona. On my last birthday I was just looking back on my years and thought to myself of what greatness I had achieved that people politely and graciously always talk and write to me about. I re-read all those emails from people all over and the notes and feedback I had received. And then a thought came to me to go onto these portals of where they see all these things about me it was my social media. The most powerful tool.

“Growth is a bi-product of visibility “

I wasn’t very happy with the way I looked and presented myself there. I felt that all what people told me was on the basis of my current persona which was offline and somewhere I found that the offline me wasn’t online and updated!

I sure did have a good amount of appreciation and was sufficient with work-but that didn’t stop me from wanting to move forward. I didn’t want to settle with a 5 year ago start up image I had. I had got so busy with all my clients, workshops , talks etc that I hadn’t found the need to update any of that so that more people could be inspired to enhance themselves. All of a sudden I was just so ok in my life according to me. I started to list down all the gratification and the experience I had received on my 5 year journey and boy ! I had a lot to offer to the world. But then again how would they know.  I was going global but in bits and pieces of my own comfort and that isn’t enough to be in the real game of life ! (that’s my belief)

My objective was clear from the start of my career: I want to be the change that inspired another life to enrich it!

So I looked up all the spaces and the technicalities of updating and optimising my web image. I had to tell the world what I really have done and what all they can do and we can do to get a better you !

I was introduced to – Brand My Style by Aarti Narang.
Aarti and I worked exactly how I work with my clients. Our first rule was authenticity. We spoke about my roles and goals and how I would like to project them on my website. Through this whole journey with Brand my style, I reinforced all my beliefs of image ! It is important to showcase your true self in order to get the right responses.
Being true to who you are offline or online will always give you better results than just trying to fit into the latest fashion of things. Personal branding isn’t just about a swanky website or fancy clothes – it’s about understanding your interactions with your audiences and accordingly responding to them. You could be a home maker or you could be a CEO – we all have important interactions and we must know how much our impressions count to each of them

So, to sum it up – no matter how good your gift is,it’s always going to be judge with the wrapping first! What’s your packaging plan ?

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  • Aarti Narang

    Well written, Benaisha. Truly the core of winning hearts online as well as offline is Being the Youest YOU. Being authentic and also sharing your boldest and vulnerable side is a big step and requires lots of courage. That’s what connects anybody with their audience and I see you practicing this every time. Way to Go Girl. The World is your STAGE.

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