Just about the single most important step you can take to be skillful in human relations is for you to master the Art of Being Agreeable. Truly, this is one of the gems of wisdom of our time. Probably nothing will help you so much in your lifetime as this easy -to- do technique of being agreeable. As long as you live, never forget that any fool can disagree with people. It takes a wise man, a shrewd man, a big man to agree- particularly when the other person is wrong.

The reasons behind the Art of Being Agreeable
People like those who agree with them.
People dislike those who disagree with them
People don’t like being disagreed with.

The Art of Being Agreeable has six parts-

  1. Learn to be agreeable, to agree with people.
    Get yourself into a frame of mind, an attitude of being agreeable. Develop an agreeable nature. Be a naturally agreeable person.
  2. Tell people when you agree with them.
    It is not enough to be agreeable with people. Let people know that you agree with them.Nod your head yes and look at them when you do it and say to them I agree with you or you are right
  3. Do not tell people when you disagree with them unless it is absolutely necessary.
    If you can’t agree with people, and many times you can’t, then just don’t disagree with them unless it is absolutely necessary. You will be amazed at how seldom this will be.
  4. Admit when you are wrong.
    Whenever you are wrong, say so out loud- I made a mistake, I was wrong etc.It takes a big person to do this and people admire anyone who can do it. The average person will lie, deny or alibi.
  5. Refrain from arguing.
    The poorest technique known in human relations is arguing. Even if you are right, don’t argue. Nobody wins arguments or friends by arguing.
  6. Handle fighters properly.
    Fighters want one thing- a fight. The best technique to handle them is to refuse to fight with them. They will sputter, fume and then look silly.

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