Every man and woman- should stand and walk tall in order to communicate confidence and competence. Most of us have no idea what we look like when we walk, but a good walk says as much about you as all the other aspects of your appearance. I realised that i needed to do something about mine when i was walking passed a reflecting shiny glass door of a store. It wasn’t me. Atleast not what I thought I looked like.
Climbing the stairs is another situation where we seldom see ourselves. Since part of our brand of confidence is to look elegant and in control at all times, we need to learn how to walk up and down stairs in a way that exudes confidence. Here are some tips I gathered and tried after reading a few books and looking up some videos on perfect posture:
– Walk upstairs on your toes, allow one hand to glide up the banister(railing what we call it) with you at hip level and look straight ahead. Keep your hand on the rail so that you can stop yourself from falling if you accidentally trip.
– When descending the stairs, let your hand move smoothly down the banister and keep your head up rather than looking at your feet. If people are waiting at the bottom of the stairs, look at them as you come down.

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